Resume/CV: How to stand out

Having to fill out an application versus having a resume are quite different. Of course, most jobs still require an application to be submitted for HR purposes, more can be determined with the applicant with the resume. Just put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and imagine all the mediocre looking resumes passing in front of you. These folks look at resumes all day, every day and when you submit yours—you gotta stand out! Search some unique design templates and use those. Some people have told me they've tried thicker paper, even.

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Firstly, you need to make the resume tailored for the job you want. My best suggestion is to identify the job description post and model your resume after that. I always use to grab some handy resumes to re purpose. General Job summaries are another good way to showcase what you are capable of.

Focus on the things you know how to do. You’ve already identified your strengths and weaknesses at this point, (if not—get on it!). Tailor everything down to what applies to this job. Use the buzzwords within the job description. Google ‘buzz words for X industry’ and you’ll find a list of words your industry uses. Most of those buzz words are VERBs. Action. Good words that show you did something, not just “filed” or “processed”. Anyone can do that! What makes you stand out? What did you do that was above and beyond your basic job descriptions? Your research for buzz words should include the verbiage used in the job description. This is what their program looks for—use this knowledge to your advantage. Did you have folks report to you? Did you manage those people? Just because you weren’t an actual boss doesn’t mean you didn’t do any managing. Try managing a location, process or even vehicle. Stay at Home parents have a kick ass resume skill set if they word things properly: Domestic Engineer—think about it!

List only relevant jobs on your resume-don’t bother listing that waitressing gig in high school or that band you managed that never amounted to anything (use that as your portfolio work though….). Pay attention to what education is on your resume. Chances are, the hiring party is going to assume you graduated high school, but don’t lie if asked. Just don’t include it on your resume unless you went to college and are expecting a degree (you can use future dates). You can also include any training like APICS certification or HHA certification, licensing ect…so long as it applies to this job. Definitely have a resume back up that includes everything, but only use what is relevant for the current job. For instance, look at President Obama’s LinkedIn profile; short and sweet.

Let’s say you’ve got some gaps on that resume when it comes to working time. Maybe you need to come up with some good reasons why there were gaps; google those responses to the ones that fit your set needs. (Research skills come in some major handy and you will learn to rely on these skills from here on in). Stay current on the industry trends. Register for emails/magazines to be sent to your home. Pick up the jargon, see the bottle necks that everyone is talking about. Notice plant/area closings that may affect your industry/sector. Watch politics and see how/why it can affect you and your career—THEN have a few solutions to negate the negative effects; this is how you really WOW employers!

Good Luck!

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